Dep gard case study essay

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Dep gard case study essay

However, the matching competition in the market pace has limited the differentiation potential based on product or service quality.

This has made companies to seek alternative ways of value addition to their products. Activities such as customized services, information timing, inventory management and customer satisfaction have earned an important place in the supply chain cycle.

As such, the authors point out that logistics play a central role in differentiating companies in terms of their supply of products and services to customers Bowersox et al.

In answering the questions related to the case study, this paper uses logistics management and customer service theoretical framework.

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The Importance of B2B Logistics Customer Service In a competitive B2B operating environment, an efficient logistics system can present a sustainable competitive advantage that will ensure that a supplier continues to operate profitably Christopher Since the logistics cycle involves a wide range of activities from raw materials Dep gard case study essay to the final delivery of products to customers, the system is a central focus of an organization.

Building a strong relationship between two parties requires a clear understanding of the benefits that both parties will achieve through the relationship. Thus, a logistics customer service system provides an outline of the physical movement of materials from the supplier to the end user as well as movement of information and payments in a reverse sense, creating a close relationship between the material supplier and the end user.

Strong relationships between a business and its customers ensures that there is efficient exchange of information regarding changes in market elements Christopher B2B logistics customer service allows an organization and its partners to integrate their external activities in a supply chain Clements From the supply chain point of view, non-integrated chains often results in difficulties for customers.

For instance, lack of integrated supply chains between a supplier and a consumer can result in extremely high inventory levels, incomplete deliveries, and poor delivery timeliness. This increases costs for a procuring business in terms of high storage costs, increased emergency delivery costs and time wastage.

Suppliers also face difficulty when ascertaining when and how to produce due to lack of information regarding customer orders and needs as a result of limited integration of supply chains.

This generally results in poor customer service, increased production and delivery costs and lower revenue turnover. Conversely, integrated supply chains facilitates seamless flow of information along the supply chain from suppliers to consumers and reverse, increasing the quality and timeliness of decisions made Clements Due to cost reduction, enterprises are able to increase their competitiveness.

Within this context, a product is said to be of minimal or no value until it is delivered to the customer within the required specifications.

Logistics customer experience involves complex activities influenced by factors such as frequency of product delivery, the safety of such products, the stock level and time interval within which the order is released.

All these activities are mixed to achieve excellent customer service. Gotzamani, Longinidis and Vouzas argues that companies that have their competition solely based on product characteristics are at a disadvantage relative to those businesses that increase value addition to their products through customer service.

The integrated supply chain for DEP and GARD begins with the procurement of raw materials from suppliers for the manufacture of polymers. These polymers are in turn the raw materials used by GARD in their manufacturing processes.

This is done electronically through facsimile and phone calls. The chemical compounds used as raw materials are delivered within 6 to 8 days of order submission. After the materials have been delivered to the company DEPthe manufacturing division monitors these materials and schedules for production runs, based on the orders submitted by GARD through the marketing and distribution department Coyle et al.

The marketing department receives orders from customers on production through electronic means such as facsimile and phone calls.

Dep gard case study essay

It takes the manufacturing division between 6 and 8 days to complete production of customer orders. The manufactured orders are shipped to the warehousing division situated within a short distance from the production division.

The warehousing division verifies that correct quantity and quality of orders received by customers are produced. Warehousing personnel will then prepare shipping documents, communicate with the customer and schedule the products for final shipment.

It takes between three to eight days for the products leaving the manufacturing division to be shipped to GARD.When reviewing the Supply Chain design for DEP/GARD, there are various stages which add value, and some which fail to add value. Looking at figure 1. below, you will see the diagram outlining the supply chain value stream enabling DEP to delivery product to GARD.

Tom Lippet, sales representative for DEP, feels the challenge when the successor of Mike O’Leary, Richard Binish, becomes the new purchasing agent at GARD who plans to .

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Integrated Logistics for DEP/GARD Case Study Essay Example for Free